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Healthy options for a healthier life

We have a large selection of healthy items. Healthier food selections are so popular today our company tries to offer as many healthy selections for your employees and patrons as possible.


Providing healthy option can increase your profits because not everyone will purchase candy bars and soda.

Keep up with health trends

Today we are more health conscious than ever, and you can help reflect that by having healthy food vending machines. Call us and discuss your healthy vending machine food options.

Our healthy options include:

• Lower calorie juices & sports drinks

• Diet sodas

• Teas

• Snacks options

• Fruit snacks

• Fresh wraps

• Assorted juices

• Trail mixes and assorted nuts

• Fresh sandwiches

• Vitamin water

• Granola bars

• Fresh salads

• V8

• Diet beverages

• Pretzels

• Granola Bars - oats & honey

• Granola Bars - peanut butter

• Nutri Grain Bar - strawberry

• Nutri Grain Bar - blueberry

• Nutri Grain Bar - raspberry

• Nutri Grain Bar apple cinnamon

• Aquafina water

• G2 Gatorade

• Yogurt

• Almonds

• Trail mix

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